Turntable.fm: Mute until next track starts

Drag the link below up to your bookmark bar. When clicked, this bookmarklet will mute the current song in Turntable.fm and then unmute when the next song starts playing.

Updated 7/5/2011 – Turntable.fm changed the name of their player control, so instead of calling it directly, we’re just invoking the event handlers for the actual mute button. Should be more stable!

Mute Until Next Track Starts

I requested this feature via the Turntable.fm feedback button but I got tired waiting and decided to dive in and figure how to do it myself. The JavaScript simply activates the click event on the mute button, then binds a handler which waits for a chat message of ” started playing” to appear. When it does, the volume it turned all the way up again and the handler is unbound.

Here’s the code powering the bookmarklet:

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2 Responses to Turntable.fm: Mute until next track starts

  1. CF says:

    Awesome. Suggested feature: instead of muting, play a random song from the user’s own queue or iTunes library.

  2. Nez says:

    Could this be updated? I really miss this feature!

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