Building Chrome extensions from a service account

So I got our build system to call the chrome.exe to build my Chrome extension, but it didn’t work. It said:

Could not find exported function RelaunchChromeBrowserWithNewCommandLineIfNeeded

The build system runs in a web application, so I’d have to guess that chrome was mad because it wasn’t running as a real user account.

I found this post that suggested moving the chrome.exe into the application/{version} folder. Once it was there, my build worked.

Clipped from
I also faced this problem.
Exact deatails are as follows, In my Organisation Group policy does not allows for downloading and installing any s/w on computers from internet.Since i like chrome very much, I copied the chrome installation file(Chrome folder) from c:doc&settingsusernamelocalsettingapplication datagooglechrome and tried to run chrome and recieved this error( exported function not available)
To solve this problem I copied the chrome.exe from ~application folder into ~chromeapplication8.0.552.215 folder and tried to run chrome , it started working and i recieved no error
qustion is why chrome.exe in ~application folder was not able to read dlls into 8.0552.215 folder though it is hard wired to do so( I think so atleast).
It is a bug which devs should atleast try to correct it. 

I would also suggest to users who are facing this problem to copy chrome.exe from~application folder to ~applicationversion Id folder and running chrome.

Lets see what happens



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