Turn on WP_DEBUG to have WordPress kick out error messages

I’m troubleshooting a White Screen of Death (WSOD) problem in my project’s plug-in right now, so this is especially relevant.

Amplify’d from codex.wordpress.org
  • Eliminate PHP errors in your plugin. Add define('WP_DEBUG', true); to your wp-config.php file, try all of your plugin functionality, and check to see if there are any errors or warnings. Fix any that occur, and continue in debug mode until they have all been eliminated.

Read more at codex.wordpress.org

Update: It worked! WSOD solved! Activating WP_DEBUG only showed Notices, but I went and fixed every one of them and we’re rolling again! I think the culprit was actually some old nasty code that used to put the wp_query into a temp variable and back. That pattern had gotten mangled across several commits. I ended up ripping it out entirely.

I isolated the cause of my WSOD using the advice from this post: http://jaredheinrichs.com/how-to-troubleshoot-wordpress-white-screen-of-death.html

Basically, it says disable all your plug-ins, then re-enable them one at a time until you hit the WSOD. The plug-in that you last enabled is your suspect.

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